At Tattile, Human Resources are our main asset, the beating heart of the constant innovation and technological advancement we pride ourselves to offer to our clients and partners. It is for this reason that every year Tattile invests a considerable part of its budget in training managers and collaborators. We value the importance of developing a team open to our everyday challenges and our ambitious growth prospects.


Staff Training Program

An exhaustive training in management culture


Form>azione is a training program which combines a theoretical education with Action Learning. As a whole, the process aims at producing:

  • Individual learning:

    – Management culture: understanding the logics and values underlying company management and, in this respect, identify techniques and effective criteria for organizational behavior.
    – Reasons for commitment: focusing on motivations behind the company’s strategies, while exploring the analogies between business goals and individual motivations.
    – Behaviors: develop practical approaches and techniques, for everyday activities.

  • Synergy: prepare the ground to build a shared identity of style and approach.

  • Ownership: start developing a management culture where individuals feel in charge of their well-managed organizational space. As a consequence, every person will feel in charge of the company as a whole.

  • Organizational change: raising issues and collecting useful suggestions for the general company improvement, with special focus on human capital.