Stark Platform

Modular architecture for demanding AI applications


The Standard Tattile Architecture (Stark) is an application framework layer common to all new generation Tattile cameras; it is built to support a modular software structure, fast development, and easy integration of new features and edge algorithms.

• Stark provides scalability over a wide range of Tattile devices and its modular design can be extended to meet all the application needs

• Continuous integration and testing of the whole system even in the worst working conditions to guarantee stability and reliable results

• Stark is built on the latest technology, and it is optimized for high-performance processing

• Standard, legacy, and fully customizable communication protocols are supported, including API REST for seamless integration with third-party Back-office systems.

• Modern and intuitive web interface with easy camera deployment and configuration


Information Request


• Responsive interface

• Quick configuration wizard

• Intuitive access to device functionalities

• Configuration self-check and diagnostic report

• Quick performance and results overview