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Dangerous goods recognition at top level 


Automatic ADR code recognition, how does it works?

Automatic ADR (Accord Dangereux Routier) detection with cameras is a technology used to identify the presence of dangerous goods or hazardous materials in a vehicle using image processing techniques. The system uses ANPR cameras and machine learning algorithms to analyze images of the vehicle and detect ADR placards on the vehicle or its cargo.
The system can be installed in strategic locations such as highways, tunnels, or bridges, where it can monitor passing vehicles and identify those carrying hazardous materials.
The automatic ADR detection system with cameras has the potential to improve the safety of the transportation of dangerous goods by identifying non-compliance with ADR regulations, as well as identifying potential risks in real-time


Information Request

• Read dangerous goods ADR codes (Kemler codes) providing UN identification number and hazard identifier


• Capability to detect and provide empty ADR code presence

• Add-on for Smart Family cameras: Smart, Smart Freeflow, and Smart Speed

• Fully on-edge solution on Tattile Cameras

• Automatic plate reconciliation incorporating in the same transit message: plate reading, trailer plate, and ADR code

• Can run together with optional Brand Color Class and Model recognition on the same camera to provide complete vehicle identification



• Tunnels and motorways safety and prompt response

• Traffic monitoring in smart cities

• Forbidden lane enforcement

• Infrastructure monitoring

• Terminals and port logistics

• Parking lot management