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Access Control

Embedded: efficiency and simplicity

Vehicle access control, how does it works?

  • Vehicle access control refers to the management of vehicles entering and exiting a specific area, such as a parking lot, garage, industrial area, port, or airport. The goal of vehicle access control is to ensure the safety and security of the area by regulating the flow of vehicles and restricting access to unauthorized vehicles.
  • ANPR systems in access control, use cameras to capture images of license plates, which can then be compared to a database of authorized vehicles. Unauthorized vehicles can be denied entry or an alarm can be triggered, alerting security personnel.
  • Vehicle access control is an important aspect of security in many different industries and settings, and it can help prevent unauthorized access and increase overall safety and security.

Our range of ANPR cameras are adaptable to every type of installation needed

  • Scalability: the system is adaptable to every type of installation needed. Both short range (up to 8 meters) and long range (up to 25 meters) solutions are available
  • Embedded technology to automatize the various phases of the procedure: real time transit detection (thanks to on board OCR), and ability to control directly the opening of automatic barriers
  • On board management of black list and white list in order to consent or deny access to specific users
  • Transit detection by sending BW image and textual information to FTP server


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