Ethernet Switch

The core of information technology on board of vehicles is the ETHERNET SWITCH.

In our architecture, each car is equipped with one or more multifunction intelligent switches; connection with adjacent cab/coach can be made made with a redundant Ethernet backbone, managed in accordance with IEEE 802.3ad standard for bandwidth aggregation and automatic fault tolerance.

Tattile provides a high performance, fully managed, 2-layer Switch with ARM microprocessor integrated and QoS.

This device is a proprietary solution fully compliant to EN50155 requirements.


Main Features

  • POE “power over Ethernet” – integrated power supply
  • Integrated ARM microprocessor with high performances
  • IEEE 802.3ad (port trunking) between switch with feedback
  • Quality measurement of all Ethernet links and connections
  • Power measurement of energy and power absorbed by every single device over Ethernet
  • Bandwidth management for each port
  • QoS guaranteed (Quality of Service)
  • Auto by-pass in case of fault: measurement of data packets with fault
  • IEEE 1588 compliant
  • M12 connectors
  • Capability to enable ports with controlled bandwidth
  • Can Bus, RS485, RS232 interfaces available
  • I/O interfaces
  • ID Hardware identification

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