Railway division

Information and security on-board

Our Railways Division specializes in developing advanced systems for real time information (PIS – Passenger Information System, PA – Public Address), security and on-board entertainment of train passengers. The quality of our products is IRIS-certified (International Railway Industry Standard).

Our solutions respond to the needs of transport companies in terms of guaranteeing service and real time information, and in preventing criminal phenomena such as acts of vandalism and thefts.

In order to offer an even more agreeable travel experience to passengers and to increase their loyalty, multimedia devices transmitting films, music, news and commercials are available on board.

In our technologies, traditional analogic communication systems coexist with now consolidated digital standards over Ethernet, to ensure highest standards of integration and flexibility, and to foresee future system integrations with new functions.

Our products are designed to meet the highest standards of modularity, flexibility, reliability, availability and an easy integration.