Next Generation Smart Camera S100 Series


Belonging to the wide range of Tattile’s products dedicated to Machine Vision, S100 is a Smart Camera designed for applications in the most diverse sectors including pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, Track&Trace. It is equipped with powerful Image Processing architecture, with a Dual Core processor and an FPGA of 28K elements.
Completely “in-house”: designed, developed and manufactured by Tattile; S100 is characterized by highly sophisticated technology contained in a product of extremely limited dimensions. 

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S100 is a Smart Camera, technologically advanced, solid and compact, designed to meet the main requirements of machine vision.
Smart Camera S100 is mainly a “All in One” product: in the camera body there is a CPU that processes data, captures images, performs the check-ups required by the application, and sends the results to the user’s machine. S100 is equipped with powerful Image Processing architecture, with a Dual Core processor and an FPGA of 28 K elements.
S100 Series is available with CMOS sensors with resolution of  VGA, 2 MegaPixels e 4 MegaPixels; the unique combination of sensor and process architecture allows this product to obtain an extremely high FPS, from 250 fps for VGA sensor, to 35 fps for 4 MegaPixels sensor. The acquisition speed can be further increased by partializing the acquisition, therefore reducing the size of the image (windowing).

The computing power, due to the CPU Dual Core architecture and to FPGA which enables you to capture and process images at high speed, makes S100 a top range product on the market in regards to performance level, despite its compact size.
The camera is equipped with a series of communication interfaces:

  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet port.
  • 1 RS232 / RS485 serial port.
  • 2 digital inputs.
  • 2 digital outputs.
  • 2 Strobe outputs.

All communication interfaces are handled by FPGA, in order to ensure “real time” management. The contained FPGA manages directly acquisition and pre-processing, to reduce CPU workload. CPU will be exclusively dedicated to the image analysis. As already provided for other series of Tattile’s industrial range, even in Smart Camera S100, the FPGA will be programmed directly by the user in “easy” mode, using a graphic software.

S100 features Linux, the open operating system, therefore the customer can create the application using Tattile’s software or other manufacturers’ compatible software libraries.
Smart Camera has a storage capacity of up to 32 Giga, thanks to its SD card.
The IP67 enclosure rating allows its installation in strict and difficult environments, such as in the presence of dust, dirt and water.

Key points

  • High Performance: Dual Core Cortex-A9 processor and Xilinx Artix7 28 Kle FPGA
  • Multiple resolution: VGA, 2 and 4 Megapixels global shutter CMOS image sensor
  • High speed acquisition: up to 250 fps for VGA resolution 
  • Programmable FPGA for image acquisition and preprocessing
  • Open system with Linux O.S. 
  • Compact size: only 45x45x41 mm 
  • IP-67 Rated enclosure
  • Complete interface and communication capabilities: Gigabit Ethernet, digital I/O, RS232/485 serial ports




The S100 Smart Camera features a Dual Core Cortex-A9 800MHz CPU and a Xilinx Artix 28K Logic Cells FPGA working closely together.

Thanks to Tattile’s technology based on FPGA, this smart camera can guarantee the real-time execution of critical functions such as image capture, image pre-processing, and I/O.


High-Speed acquisition

The S100 allows high-speed acquisition, from 250 Fps for VGA sensor up to 35 Fps for 4 megapixels sensor. The frame rate of the camera can be further increased thanks to the windowing features: capturing only a portion of the sensor allows higher frame rates for smallest regions of interest.



The image acquisition and image preprocessing are performed by dedicated FPGA in real time.

Using graphical tool, it is possible to program the FPGA for image preprocessing.


Open System

Thanks to the use of Linux O.S., it is possible to develop Vision Application with Tattile software or third parties  library / software


Interface and Communication

The integration of the S100 Smart Camera is made easy by the full-featured set of interfaces available: Gigabit Ethernet, RS232, RS485, 2 inputs, 2 outputs, and 2 strobe outputs.



IP-67rated housing of S100 Smart Camera allow to be installed even in harsh environment.


Compact size

Thanks to its compact form, it can be easily integrate into any machine and production line.




Frame Rate250 fps70 fps35 fps
Sensor type1/3” CMOS2/3” CMOS1” CMOS
Sensor modelCMV300CMV2000CMV4000
CPUDual Core ARM Cortex-A9 800MHz
System RAM512 Mb
Flash MemorySecure Digital 8 GB (up to 32 GB)
FPGAXilinx Artix-7 28K LEs
FPGA - CPU InterfaceHigh Speed Amba bus internal to chip
Lighting direct channel2 channels
Integrated IlluminationOptional removable
Strobe output2
Digital inputs2
Digital outputs2 PNP
LANGigabit Ethernet
Serial portRS232-RS485
Internal protectionIP67
Operating systemLinux
Power supply24 VDC


Pro/ENGINEER - F01616

Part Number

F01616 S100 Smart Camera 640×480 Mono  
F01617 S110 Smart Camera 640×480 Color  
F01618 S120 Smart Camera 2048×1088 Mono  
F01619 S120 Smart Camera 2048×1088 Color  
F01620 S130 Smart Camera 2048×2048 Mono  
F01621 S130 Smart Camera 2048×2048 Color