M100 CLink

Multi-Camera Vision Controller M100 CameraLink

M100 CameraLink belongs to Tattile’s M100 range. M100 CameraLink is an industrial PC particularly designed for vision systems. Entirely “in-house”: designed, developed and manufactured by Tattile, it has four Camera Link ports that can be connected to Tattile’s or other manufacturers’ cameras; it supports Base, Medium, Full and Deca protocols.
All ports are directly connected to an FPGA of 160K logic elements; users will be able to easily and independently program it.
M100 CameraLink has a guaranteed longevity of up to ten years.

M100 CameraLink is an industrial PC thought for machine vision applications.
It has four Camera Link ports that can be connected to Tattile’s or other manufacturers’ cameras, offering customers maximum flexibility of use.
It supports Base, Medium, Full and Deca protocols and you can connect up to four cameras in Basic mode or two in other modes.
All ports are directly connected to an FPGA of 160K logic elements that manages the image acquisition and pre-processing. Users will be able to easily and independently program it through a specific graphical software.
All ports are Power over Camera Link (PoCL), therefore you will lead power supply, data and images transmissions with just one cable, moreover, you can also connect two USB 3.0 cameras.

The whole Tattile ‘s M100 series has a common advantage: it is a Fanless, “Plug & Play”, already completed and “Ready to Use” PC, immediately usable.
Its completely “in-house” development guarantees the life of the product up to at least ten years: Tattile’s architecture longevity translates for the OEM into a safe replicability of its machines.
M100 CameraLink boasts of latest generation Intel processors (i3 or i7, according to customer’s requirements) and installs Windows Embedded Standard 7 (WES7) or Linux operating systems.
The open architecture allows the user to decide whether to develop the vision application using Tattile’s software platform or other manufacturers’ softwares/ libraries or to use a previously developed program.

M100 CameraLink integrates by default:
– 8 digital inputs.
– 8 digital outputs.
– 6 Trigger outputs (one for each camera).
– 1 serial port: RS232/RS485.
– 1 Line Drive Encoder Input.
– 2 Ethernet ports (to connect the system to a Company LAN).
– Optional: industrial Fieldbus protocols (such as Profinet, Ethercat, Profibus, etc…).
All communication interfaces are controlled by an FPGA; thanks to this architecture it is possible to work in “real time”.
The system provides a default SSD hard drives up to 128 GB of capacity and allows you to install two extra dedicated hard disks, for example: to the images storage, datas, back-up, log files.
It features two standard USB ports, an internal USB port and a Display Port video port.
The intelligent diagnostic service enables to verify the functioning of all devices and hardware; this would not be possible on common industrial PC, where the hardware components are installed at a later stage.

Key points

  • Multiple inspections available thanks to 4 CameraLink port and 2 USB 3.0 port
  • Maximized acquisition performance through dedicated large and programmable FPGA.
  • Easy cabling with PoCL.
  • Ethernet network connectivity and Real Time Input & Output
  • Enhanced communication with Fieldbus and Industrial
  • Customizable using 1 PCIe x8 expansion card
  • Huge data record with 2 dedicated HD for storage
  • Fanless design reduces maintenance cost
  • Long Term  Longevity up to 10 years
  • Open System: Windows  Embedded Standard (WES) 7  or Linux O.S.
  • Improved inspections capabilities through Intel i3/i7 high performance processor


Camera Link

4 Camera Link ports with PoCL (Power over Camera Link) allows the connection of Camera Link cameras using only one cable (Camera Link + power supply).

Device supports four Base link (Max Bandwidth 255MB/s), two Medium link (Max Bandwidth 510MB/s) or two Full link (Max Bandwidth 680MB/ s) that is directly connected to FPGA device.


The image acquisition and image preprocessing are performed by dedicated FPGA in real time. Using graphical tool, it is possible to program the FPGA for image preprocessing.

Real Time I/O

The isolated high-speed digital I/O  (8 in / 8 out) allows the perfect low-latency synchronization between vision system, cameras and machine automation.
Thanks to the FPGA technology, implementing real-time logics is incredibly easy.

Direct encoder input

If the vision system must be interfaced to an incremental encoder, the line-drive RS422 encoder input of the M100 allows a perfect synchronization of the system without the need of other interface devices.

USB 3.0 / 2.0

2 ports allows the connection of high-speed USB 3.0 Vision cameras with a bandwidth up to 350 MB/s.
Additionally, two USB 2.0 ports are accessible from the front panel and one USB 2.0 internal protected port can be used to connect a license dongle or other sensitive devices.

Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet connectivity

Several Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet interfaces (Profinet, Profibus, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT…) are optionally integrated.
This simplify and speeds up the communication with the automation system.

SSD/HDD internal data storage

The internal SSD disk stores the operating system and the user program; it can be write-protected to enhance reliability.
Two separated 2.5″ hard disk slots provide space for image storage, statistical data and more.
Separate storage slots increase the bandwidth for highspeed applications and reduce the possibility of data loss.

PCIe Expansion

One PCI Express x8 expansion slot gives the possibility to install an additional card like a frame grabber or a vision processing unit (from Tattile or other manufacturers).

Open Architecture

Thanks to the use of standard WES 7 or Linux O.S., it is possible to develop Vision Application with Tattile software or third parties library / software

Long Term Longevity

M100 Series is designed to guarantee long term longevity of the main electronic components (up to 10 years).

Intel 3rd generation i3 / i7 processors

Today’s multi-camera vision applications require a performing processing engine. The M100 is powered by Intel 3rd generation i3 / i7 processors with 8GB of DDR3 RAM (up to 16 GB) in order to tackle the most demanding inspection tasks.

DIN Mounting

The M100 GigE Series have 2 DIN mounting point for quickly assembly inside rack




Intel® Core i7-3612QE 2.1 GHz 35W 4 core
FPGAXilinx Kintex-7 160K LEs (Pre-Processing)
Altera Cyclone GX 22K LEs (I/O management)
Storage1x SSD 16 GB (up to 128 GB)
2x SATA HDD/SSD (optional)
Camera Interface
ProtocolCamera Link – USB 3.0
CameraLink Vision Ports4
USB 3.0 Ports2
Camera SupplyPoCL – USB
Machine Interface
LAN2x Gigabit Ethernet
Video Output1x Display Port
Serial InterfaceRS232 / RS485
Expansion Bus1x PCIe 8x expansion card
USB 2.02x USB 2.0 External / 1x USB 2.0 Internal
Trigger6x fast isolated PNP
Digital Input8x isolated PNP
Digital Output8x isolated PNP
Encoder Input3-channel Line Drive RS422
Fieldbus (optional)Profinet, Profibus, EtherCat, Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, Modbus, Powerlink, CANopen
Technical Data
Power Supply
22-27 VDC
Weight3.5 Kg
Operating Temperature0 °C – 45 °C
EN 61326-1:2006
EN 62311:2008
SoftwareWindows Embedded Standard (WES) 7, Linux (optional)


Pro/ENGINEER - F01551

Pro/ENGINEER - F01551

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