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Nautilus Software

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New platform to design custom vision solutions for industries and manage in-field vision devices.

Unique SolutionOne software to control all Tattile’s vision devices: Multi-cameras and Smart-cameras.

Open platformAllows easily integration of third party libraries and developing of own algorithms using standard C/C++ code.


Nautilus Discovery

Automatic devices discovery and recognition

NAUTILUS automatically searches and recognizes all connected devices via IP; both Multi-camera systems and Smart-Cameras.

Quick image setup

Immediate Live view from cameras / Smart Cameras.

Simple image configuration management thanks to:

  • Shutter, Gain, Strobe Slidebar
  • Automatic White Balance
  • Best focus setting function
  • Histogram Display
  • ColorMap view

Device I/O management

User can quickly verify I/O wiring and machine integration, reducing start-up time and simplifying electrical debug.

Simple Devices Management

Complete display of device configuration:

  • Type and number of connected cameras
  • Software / Firmware versions
  • Device parameters

Users can easily manage:

  • IP configuration
  • SW & FW update

Examples, templates and wizards

Nautilus offers a good range of example application and templates to start from with your developments.

They range from OCR application to Robot Guidance, Code Reader and gauging.


Nautilus Developing

User oriented workflow environment

Thanks to a simplified design flow, NAUTILUS allows supervising the entire development and delivery process to achieve production needs in the minimum time.

User can design his custom vision application exploiting a device-oriented workflow environment.

The application is built inserting vision and flow control tools into a graphical application flow by drag & drop paradigm.

Open Platform

Program steps can be configured so to tailor the application on specific elaborations.

Actions and algorithms can be implemented using standard C/C++ code.

NAUTILUS implements an open platform supporting the integration of 3rd party and open source vision tools and libraries like Halcon, MIL, OpenCV and many others.

Complete Algorithm set

NAUTILUS includes more than 250 vision and flow-control tools for application development; allowing to make a state of the art application.

Customizable user interface layout

The NAUTILUS interface layout is highly customizable, so users can adjust it to meet specific needs.

Multi-threading capability

NAUTILUS supports multithreading on application flow.

Developer can easily parallelize analisys in order to achieve high speed application.


Nautilus Debug & Test

Easy debugging

Step-by-step control, breakpoint over the application execution flow and runtime access to application settings, give users the power to debug and test applications at any time.

Advanced monitoring

Advanced statistics for monitoring steps execution time allow the user to verify and keep under control the whole process of analysis.

SensorFox, oscilloscope-like function, monitors I/O events in Real-Time for event management and time-chart analisys.

Offline development

An internal device emulator with target device specs enables users to start developing the vision application at early stages, and adapt dynamically to changing requirements in the environment.

Offline programming and debugging using internal device emulators reduce machinery stop time and increase production capability.

In-field Management

Management of in-field vision systems by monitoring and alerting; real-time access to device to control and change device behavior.


Nautilus Design

Integrated GUI interface

Create your custom Grafical User Interface to control and monitor devices directly with NAUTILUS platform, without using external software.

Use Tattile’s visual wizard to view and control images from devices and to visualize and control application parameters.

Multi-access Management

NAUTILUS allows you to create different interface programs that can be simultaneously connected to the same device.

User can develop an operator interface for on-line monitoring and a supervisor interface for remote control.

Stand-Alone interface

Created interfaces are stand-alone programs, which therefore do not need the Nautilus platform to work.

User can install them on different PCs along the production line and inside the factory, allowing a multipoints management.