Traffic Light Enforcement all in one

TTI – june 2013


Tattile offers a completely automated and non invasive solution to detect red light infringements.

Traffic Light 2L, a compact and light system, is able to detect infringements without any external sensor, thanks to its two sensors (5Mp), one in black and white to read number plates, the other in color for photographic evidence of infringement.

Thanks to an image elaborating software operating on board, the Tattile system is able to:

  • Understand when the traffic light is red

  • Detect infringements without external triggers. Instead, it relies on the demonstrated analysis abilities of virtual sensors

  • Detect and read number plate.

All this is included in an easy installation that does not require any infrastructural works.

Every infringement is documented via transmission of textual data (date, hour, number plate), color and b/w pictures (total amount: eight) and a video (resolution 640×480) to an FTP server. In addition, data are buffered locally, in order to save evidence of events in case the data connection is disrupted. Every saved piece of information will be automatically sent to the external server as soon as the data connection is restored.

An embedded web server, accessible via Ethernet interface, enables the set-up of the system.

In the set-up phase, the system allows to position two virtual loops perpendicularly to the stop line as detected by the image acquired by ANPR camera. This enables to identify transits occurred with red light. The system is able to manage different types of traffic light installations (one or two lanes, with one light per lane or every two lanes).