New effective partnerships for Tattile

At SPS IPC Drives 2016, in Parma, Tattile will present new technological solutions and new partnerships to meet the needs of industrial OEMs from the most diverse sectors.

Visit us at booth F050, Hall 3.




Tattile’s S50, S100 and S200 series smart cameras are now available with standard user-friendly software, ideal for all machine vision applications. HALCON Embedded by MVTec Software has been successfully ported to new smart camera models, with an integrated development environment and a comprehensive set of functions.


HALCON Embedded allows the development of the software of your machine vision application on a standard platform, and simplifies programming on an embedded system. In short: develop on a PC and let the application run on an embedded system.


From today, HALCON users can make full use of Tattile’s Smart Camera compact and highly-performing hardware to create their own applications, while relying on an extremely strong and steady solution, with IP67 grade.


The power of Zynq’s “open” architecture, with ARM processor (800 MHz dual core) and CMOSIS high-speed sensors, is the perfect support for expressing the maximum performances of Halcon Embedded.

S100GigE sxCO_tattile72




From today, all National Instruments partners using LabVIEW platform to develop vision applications can have fast and easy access to the advantages of the functionality and performances of M100 Series GigE Vision Controllers, thanks to the development of a specific Toolkit.

Toolkits are a collection of graphic functions of easy and rapid use, allowing for a quick development of vision applications and/or to interact swiftly with them.

Clients have Toolkit LibTatHW_VI at their disposal: this will allow to communicate with the hardware of Tattile’s M100 Series Vision Controller straight from the LabVIEW software. Customers can develop their vision application with LabVIEW using the hardware and FPGA featuring in M100 series to their full potential, e.g. advanced management of I/Os, the encoder, I/Os and more.

Thanks to this easy access, any developer with basic knowledge of LabVIEW will be able to obtain swift results. VIs with ready-for-use customized interfaces for hardware management contribute to improving the convenience of the software’s use.




Tattile’s S100 Series Smart Cameras are fully compatible with Silicon Software’s Visual Applets platform.

With Visual Applets, the graphic development environment for the programming of Silicon Software’s FPGAs, even the most complex algorythms can be easily and quickly implemented. This allows users to develop vision applications in full autonomy, while making full use of Zynq’s “open” architecture with its high-level performances, featured on the S100 series.

It will be possible to rapidly implement image filtering and analysis algorythms to increase system performace. This will be made possible by making use of computational power and FGPA’s parallelism, while unburdening CPU. In addition, it will be possible to manage image acquisition and I/Os in a deterministic way.