New Challenges for Free Flow systems: simplification and environmental impact

TTI – june 2013

Increasing levels of road safety, optimized traffic management and tangible reduction of environmental impact are major challenges for contemporary society and its aim for di a real improvement be of the quality of life. wholesale mlb jerseys These are the efforts and tests that every urban subject, from urban contexts The to metropolises, is asked to respond to, while considering the constant growth of the numbers of circulating vehicles and their diversification.

Such an imperative challenge finds its ideal solution in the modern Free Flow tolling systems, which best represent technological innovation in the traffic sector. Massimo Cominelli, Key Account Manager at Tattile, Italian company specialized in in ITS, explains how du “Free Flow is the tolling system which needs a minimum use of infrastructure. At the same time, it includes maximum use of intelligent systems such are number plate readers, classification systems and software for the analysis of protected data. Such ‘light’ solutions have the great advantage of demanding much lower managing and usage costs than traditional systems.

The major advantage of a barrier-less tolling system, formed by Free Flow Multilane portals situated on the roadway before every junction, crimes. is first of all the elimination of tollhouses. This allows not only for a diminution in the use of space and costs, but, most of all, for a wholesale jerseys considerable reduction in of traffic. Vehicles will circulate more fluidly and quickly. It goes without saying that, when needing to optimize traffic flow on highways, data collection with high standards of precision is imperative for the creation of a detailed and unmistakeable map of the global quantity of transiting vehicles.

In this context, an automatic number plate reading system wholesale jerseys cannot but be equipped with highly competitive features and functionalities. The need for both high-quality and simplicity finds its solution in Tattile’s modern automatic number plate reading systems. Number plates are processed on board, with wholesale nba jerseys wholesale nba jerseys no need for a separate PC. Obviously, such technological advance can contribute significantly to the whole sector and create increasingly more economically sustainable solutions. The camera transmits only already processed data. As a consequence, also the broadband of the optic fibre and, in case, of the data transmission system, will Surf be much less onerous than old generation systems. αν?μεσα All this results in a simple, therefore less expensive and cheap nfl jerseys wholesale mlb jerseys burdensome installation. In short, we aim at reaching one of the most difficult goals for the realities working in our sector: simple management and less stressful use of the road network.

The possibility to combine functional number plate readers for Free Flow tolling with Enforcement is a further key aspect of our new generation systems. For example, Vega 2HD can be used for average speed detection up to 250 km/h. It has been demonstrated that Free Flow systems will contribute to a considerable reduction in air pollution. They enable free flow transit and, by combining controlled speed with constant and univocal transit of the vehicle mass, they reduce heavily CO2 emissions, as measurable even on a daily basis. In several countries Free Flow systems are used more and more regularly. It is likely that, over the next years, such systems will rise increasingly as a consequence of the construction of new road infrastructures and highways built according to this new traffic management trend.

We are in a situation where we have to respond to the impressive demand for Vegas these systems, especially in developing areas where the minimization of environmental impact and low-cost systems, such as completely electronic ones, are priorities. Free Flow systems are cheap nfl jerseys largely in use in South-East Asia and the Middle wholesale nfl jerseys East, where huge investments are made for the construction of smart traffic management systems, such as airports, urban and inter-urban infrastructures, and urban road traffic management. In fact, these regions have historically been characterized by a strong interest in environmental issues and supplements the commitment to create, via a rationalized reduction of traffic, Smart Cities.

Similarly, some North European cities, having extremely advanced platforms used as models for the European market, can be defined the trendsetters of smart By cities. Free Flow is certainly to be considered the new main tolling system: it creates easier flow at competitive prices, while in line with new urban and extra-urban furniture canons aiming at a reduced visual effect. This is also one of the reasons why Vega 2HD does not need for external triggers since it is provided with an on board auto-trigger. As a consequence, the result is a light installation with no need for further cheap jerseys free shipping transit detection devices; its non-invasive aspect makes it also pleasant from both aesthetic and architectonic points of view”.