Electronic eye technology: the most in-demand equipment against crimes.

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The new cutting-edge technology with Megapixel sensors is able to scan over 100 number plates per second, front and cheap nba jerseys rear, at any light Videos condition. It belongs to the cheap jerseys Tattile ANPRs (Automatic Number Plate Reader) systems.

The newly-launched system needs neither embedded processing units nor physical connection between the cameras and the on board computer/tablet. The plates are read Теория directly on board the cameras, which jerseys can be installed on the car’s roof, hood or in the boot. Plate numbers are transmitted via Wi-Fi.

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The Football control console operates on PCs, tablets and smartphones (Android based), and enables Hernandez data reception from several cheap nfl jerseys devices; data can be read as images or texts and wholesale jerseys China can be ordered in lists.

These systems allow to track cheap jerseys and identify transits of blacklisted vehicles.

Moreover, statistic evidence confirms Boston the importance of such electronic devices: countless are the cases of stolen cars wholesale nfl jerseys that have been recovered and, most wholesale nba jerseys of all, of suspect individuals tracked by the tireless, watchful work of the electronic eye.