Tattile and National Instruments:
easy integration

At SPS-IPC Drives Italy 2015, Tattile will present two new modules: these allow to easily integrate the new range of Smart Cameras of the S50, S100, S200 series, and the Vision Controller of the M100 series, with National Instruments’ LabVIEW platform.

The modules are a combination of graphic functions: intuitive and quick to use, they readily allow to develop vision applications, and/or to quickly interact with them.

Two modules are available to our customers:

·      LowLevelProtocol_VI: the module allows an exchange of information between a LabVIEW device (e.g. a PLC National Instruments of the cRio series) and any Tattile device provided with Nautilus vision application (Tattile’s vision platform); the customer is able to manage variables, input/ output levels, programmes and much more.

·      LibTatHW_VI: the module allows to interact with Vision Controller hardware (from the Tattile’s M100 series) directly in LabVIEW software; the customer is able to develop their vision application with LabVIEW while making excellent use of all the hardware and FPGA potentials of the M100 series, such as automatic management of rejections, encoder, I/O and much more.M100gigeLatoDx

Thanks to their intuitive use, these modules allow all software developers with a basic programming knowledge with LabVIEW to obtain quick results. VIs with user-friendly interface, ready to manage Tattile hardware, contribute to improving the smooth use of the software in question.