Tattile and Halcon:
full compatibility

Tattile developed full compatibility for its Smart Cameras of the S50, S100 and S200 series with MVTec Software GmbH’s Halcon Embedded platform.

Halcon Embedded is MVTec’s solution for the use of Halcon on embedded platforms such as Tattile’s Smart Cameras.

HALCON Embedded allows you to develop the software part of your machine vision application on a standard platform and thereby to significantly simplify the programming of an embedded system. In short: just develop on a PC, and let the application run on an embedded systeS200sxCO_Tattile72m.

From now on, Halcon users can make the best use of the compact and efficient hardware of Tattile Smart Cameras to create their own applications, whilst relying on an extremely compact, strong and IP67 rated solution.

The strength of Zinq’s “open” architecture, with ARM processor, 800 MHz dual core and Linux operating system on Tattile’s S100 and S200 series is the ideal support for Halcom Embedded, allowing it to operate at its highest performance levels.