Red Light Enforcement

The new concept to safeguard the intersections

The innovative not invasive solution based on image analysis

• Tattile double head system which allows the identification of red light enforcements without the need of a physical connection with the traffic light (red light status identification through image analisys)

• OCR algorithm processed directly on board

• The device can be programmed thanks to the integrated web server. The set up procedure allows the user to position two virtual loops straddled the stop line (on the image taken by the context camera). This allows the red light violation identification without external sensors (e.g. loop, ect..)

• The system is able to manage different kind of traffic light installations (one or two lanes, one traffic light each lane or every two lanes)

• Each violation is documented by sending BW and color images (eight in total), textual information (date, hour, license number) and a video (with resolution 1280×800) to a FTP server