Add-On Software

With the growing abilities of vision systems and the trend towards embedded systems demands have raised for tolling, free-flow, and speeding or red-light control applications.

ITS-users increasingly ask for the ability to introduce a higher level Add-On Software package into previously dumb IP cameras, to provide additional functionalities and easy access and installation. 

The cameras are a genuinely next-generation product line that makes the step from an APNR system to a full vehicle identification systems thanks to the Add-On Software package.

All optional camera functionalities can be uploaded even when the system is already in operation.

The new Tattile ANPR systems marks the next generation of highly scalable smart cameras.

Its embedded intelligence provides a maximum output since all algorithms are inside the system and deliver an output ready to be interpreted by the user.


Top Performance Software

Linux OS

Optional App-like software available to enhance device performances

Camera SW can be upgraded from remote 

Our Linux platform welcomes third-party algorithms to be embedded directly on-board

Standardized interface allows future system upgrades without significant reworks

Plug-and-play interfaces make the new HW fully compatible with Tattile’s previous ANPR cameras 

Proprietary OCR SW

Auto iris SW to adjust camera image acquisition according to external light conditions

SDK available for easy integration

Proprietary App for remote configuration



Additional functional (App-like) packages, enlarge the camera features

A – Vehicle Brand, Class and Color recognition


  Vehicle Brand, Class and Color recognition algorithm running inside the camera

  Licence plate, Brand & Color and class create the so-called vehicle «fingerprint» in a single report 

  All the information provided by a single source 

  No extra cost for external software, processing server and integration time


B – Two different OCRs on board 


The Smart camera can simultaneously run two different OCRs on-board

Real-time licence plate identification done by two different software

A sophisticated algorithm matches the two results selecting the correct one

Validated licence plate data output directly  from the camera


C – Auto trigger software 2.0


The embedded auto trigger improves the camera detection rate  

The image analysis algorithm detects vehicles up to 250 km/h without any external trigger

Capability to provide images of every vehicle, even without licence plate


D – Speed estimation using image analysis


Embedded proprietary algorithm able to provide a vehicle’s speed Estimation (error +-5%) using image analysis only

The SW provide a reliable vehicles speed estimation without any external device


E – HD Streaming for video surveillance

Vega Smart 2 HD can use its  increased processor capability to provide a video streaming, directly taken from the context camera

Video is RTSP and ONVIF compliant

Camera can stream video 24/7 without interfering with the plate recognition process


• A single camera for two different applications (ANPR + CCTV) 

• Important savings on the installation and maintenance side 

• Reduced urban architectural impact (only one camera instead of two)


F – Easinstall App for remote cameras configuration 


Tattile proprietary App for a quick and fast installation, the essential time-saving tool for any installer

Main functionalities:

• Discover available cameras via Wifi, 3G/ 4G

• Connection to a camera via SSID (Service Set Identifier) / Hidden SSID

• Take a screenshot of the ANPR camera

• Remote update / Clear  of the camera’s public keys

• Send email directly to technical support

• Create Hotspot connection

• Support Web view

• Scan QR Code



• The additional Apps transform the camera from a standard plate reader to a smart vehicles analyser and a security system

• The optional Apps can be uploaded on demand, including once the camera is already in operation

• Install pack uploadable via remote connection

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