Established in 2007, Ambienta SGR is a growth SME investor targeting the environmental sector, seeking to capitalise on huge and growing markets for businesses focused on energy and resource efficiency, waste management and pollution, and renewable energy services.

Over the past 60 years, unprecedented increases in global population and rising wealth in emerging markets have created two billion new “middle class” consumers hungry for goods and services. In a resource constrained world, this has resulted in dramatic increases in the price of natural resources and levels of pollution, with permanent implications for consumers and industries globally.

These implications have created vast and diversified opportunities for businesses providing environmental products and services which together comprise a rapidly growing, €2 trillion+ sector.

Ambienta has been built to capitalise on this opportunity.

Europe is typified by a relative scarcity of natural resources, a strong industrial base and high population density. Out of need, Europe has therefore led the world in the development of environmental solutions, developed by businesses whose products and services are now in global demand.

Ambienta  seeks to support niche leading European businesses develop into sustainable industry champions, driving business professionalisation, operational enhancement and expansion into large and growing international end-markets.

Ambienta invested in Tattile last november 2012.