Stop & Go Tolling

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Stop and go tolling. How does it work?

Stop-and-go tolling is a system where vehicles are charged a toll based on the distance they travel on a road, rather than at a fixed point like a toll booth.

In a stop & go tolling system, vehicles stop at a toll booth and pay the toll before proceeding on their journey

This is done by using a combination of cameras and electronic sensors to track vehicles as they enter and exit the tolled area. The system calculates the distance travelled and charges the vehicle’s account accordingly. The toll can be paid using a prepaid account, a credit card or through license plate recognition, depending on the specific implementation.

Tattile traffic monitoring cameras provide a complete solution for safety and control of the tollbooth.

The embedded solution for tollbooths:

• Strongly embedded technology guarantees an automatised and easy-to-use monitoring system

• OCR on board: no external devices are necessary (PC, extra software licenses….)

• Transits documented by sending BW image of number plate and all relative textual information (date, hour, license number) to an FTP server

• Stand-alone: thanks to the local buffering of information, the system can also function in case of data connection disruption.


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