Vega Speed

The new Vega Speed is an advanced system for speed violations detection.

The application fields of this camera are Instant Speed Enforcement and Average Speed Enforcement.

Vega Speed is the new user-friendly tool for fighting speeders. It features a light and compact camera that can be easily installed, also in harsh conditions. It doesn’t require heating or cooling. The onboard plate recognition makes Officer’s job easier and faster.




Instant Speed Enforcement

Average Speed Enforcement

Key points

All in one: monochrome and color sensors, OCR on board, IR illuminator

Real time processing: up to 75 fps

Range of action: up to 30 m

Multi tracking Radar

32 GByte SD memory card 32 GByte

Ethernet, digital I/O, RS485 serial port

Waterproof housing IP66 with bracket included

Web server configuration and setup.


The new Vega Speed is an advanced system for speed violations detection.

The application fields are Instant Speed Enforcement and Average Speed Enforcement.

The traffic law enforcement is the main instrument used by institutions to reduce traffic rules violations and particularly the exceeding of speed limits that is a major cause of accidents and defines their gravity.

Sophisticated appliances like VEGA SPEED are extremely useful for road and citizens safety and they reduce up to 50% the rate of mortal accident on the monitored roads, with excellent results as regards also for the traffic flow.


Software features
OCRANPR engine on board
GrabbingUp to 75 fps
Web ServerInstallation and configuration by Web Server on board
TCP/IP ServerConfiguration and monitoring through TCP/IP protocol
Date and HourSynchronization via SNTP protocol
Software UpdateUpgrading via Web Interface
FTPFTP Client to FTP Server mode for remote data transmission; two IP address management
TCP/IPTattile TCP/IP open protocol; two IP address management
Serial PortRS485
Triggered by RadarImage capture and processing triggered by Radar trigger

Technical features
ANPR camera2560 x 2048 Monochrome CMOS sensor
Context camera2560 x 2048 Color CMOS sensor
Illuminator6 high power LEDs, InfraRed @ 850 nm
LensesC-Mount. Many focal length available
Operating SystemEmbedded TOS (Tattile Operating System)
Digital i/o1 Optoisolated input - 1 Relay Outputs – 1 Strobe output – 4 ID input
ConnectorsWaterproof circular connector
EthernetFast Ethernet 10/100
Serial portInsulated RS485
StorageUp to 32 GB (4 GB default)
Operating & Storage TemperatureFrom -30° to +65° C
Operating & Storage HumidityFrom 10% to 90% non condensing
Dimensions144 x 135 x 470 mm (WxHxL)
Weight5 kg
Protection Waterproof IP66
Power supply voltage24 Vdc
Power consumption12 W


Part Number



Latest FW Version


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