Vega HD

Tattile’s Vega HD is the automatic number plate reading system developed for Free Flow applications.
This new generation of solutions for reading license plates on fast roads, by means of automatic detection of the vehicle, is able to perform the transit detection of up to 250 km/h. This performance makes Vega HD perfectly suitable for modern free-flow tolling systems (Free Flow), in automatic tolling and traffic monitoring.

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Toll collection

Free Flow

Traffic monitoring

Logistics & Customs

Key points

All in one: monochrome camera, OCR on board, IR illuminator

No external trigger required

Real time processing: up to 75 fps

Range of action: up to 25 m

SD memory card up to 32 GByte

Ethernet, digital I/O, RS485 serial port

Waterproof housing IP66 with bracket included

Web server configuration and setup


Tattile’s Vega HD is the ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Reader) specific solution to Free Flow applications.
Free Flow is the modern free-flow tolling system which provides the least possible use of infrastructure and the most plausible use of intelligent systems, such as plate detectors, classification systems and analysis software of the immense amount of data produced. The barrier-free tolling system benefits, consisting of Multilane Free Flow portals placed along the road before every junction, result mainly in the abolition of toll booths, with the consequent saving of space and costs, but especially in the massive reduction of traffic, that becomes more fluid and flowing.

The  license plate reading integrated automatic system Vega HD has a black and white camera, an in-built OCR (Optical Character Recognition), IR illuminator and performs the plate processing directly on-board, rather than in a separate Pc. It allows real-time transits identification without post-processing devices or high speed/ capacity data connections. The camera only sends out processed data.
Installation is simplified, less costly and burdensome than on old generation systems.
Vega HD system strength is the ability to combine the functionality of reading license plates for Free Flow tolling to the Enforcement: this totally non-invasive solution executes the recognition of the vehicles transit up to a guaranteed maximum speed of 250 km/h.
The new generation Vega HD system requires no external trigger, having an auto trigger directly on board.


Software features
OCRANPR engine on board
GrabbingUp to 75 fps
Web ServerInstallation and configuration by Web Server on board
TCP/IP ServerConfiguration and monitoring through TCP/IP protocol
Date and HourSynchronization via SNTP protocol
Software UpdateUpgrading via Web Interface
FTPFTP Client to FTP Server mode for remote data transmission; two IP address management
TCP/IPTattile TCP/IP open protocol; two IP address management
Serial PortRS485
Free RunContinuous processing with automatic vehicle detection, even without plate
TriggeredImage capture and processing triggered by Ethernet command or digital signal

Technical features
ANPR camera2560 x 2048 Color CMOS sensor
Illuminator6 high power LEDs, InfraRed @ 850 nm
LensesC-Mount. Many focal length available
Operating SystemEmbedded TOS (Tattile Operating System)
Digital i/o1 Optoisolated input - 1 Relay Outputs - 1 Strobe output - 4 ID input
ConnectorsWaterproof circular connector
EthernetFast Ethernet 10/100
Serial portInsulated RS485
StorageUp to 32 GB (4 GB default)
Operating & Storage TemperatureFrom -30° to +55° C
Operating & Storage HumidityFrom 10% to 90% non condensing
Dimensions144 x 135 x 470 mm (WxHxL)
Weight5 kg
Protection Waterproof IP66
Power supply voltage24 Vdc
Power consumption12 W



Part Number

F01445 VEGA HD  
F01523 VEGA HD (Blank)  


Latest FW Version


Please contact to request the new firmware, specifying the current firmware version of your camera


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