Synoptic table

This table summarizes Tattile Traffic Division products, belonging to the two extended families:

ANPR – License plate readers, suitable to all type of application.
ENFORCEMENT – Products for traffic violations.

The entire range has been renovated using high-resolution sensors with MegaPixel resolution.


ApplicationFamilyProductResolutionMaximum reading distanceFrames per secondColor context camera
ANPRVEGA ACCESSVega Access1.3 Mpixels8 meters25No
VEGA IIIVega III1.3 Mpixels25 meters30No
Vega Color2 Mpixels25 meters30Color only
VEGA HDVega HD5 Mpixels25 meters75No
Vega 2 HD5 Mpixels25 meters75Yes
Vega HD Color5 Mpixels25 meters75Color only
ANPR MOBILEMobile1.3 Mpixels15 meters100Yes
ENFORCEMENTRED & SPEEDRed & Speed1.9 Mpixels20 meters30Yes
RED LIGHTTraffic Light 2L5 Mpixels25 meters75Yes
VEGA SPEEDVega Speed5 Mpixels30 meters75Yes