Traffic division


ANPR solutions for ITS applications

We specialize in programming and developing ANPR solutions for ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) applications.  

Tattile offers a range of smart cameras created specifically for Tolling, speed enforcement, red light enforcement, traffic tracking, access control, and tunnel safety.

Our team, formed by more than thirty engineers, is able to develop Custom Made ANPR Cameras for our clients’ specific needs.

We offer the following Pluses:

  • Embedded technology: the information is entirely processed on board the smart camera (no extra PC, software license etc. needed).
  • OCR on board: images are analyzed directly on board the smart camera.
  • Plug & Play: simplified, quick, safe and light installation.
  • Stand Alone: smart camera can operate also without pre-set data connection; events are saved on embedded micro SD.
  • Micro SD on board: activates automatic saving of information in case of disruption in the data connection. Ensures that no events get lost. 
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